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Behavioural-Based Email Marketing & Email Automation Made Easy

If you think email marketing is a thing of the past, you would be very wrong. Email marketing still constitutes the best and most cost-effective way of generating new business leads for your company. Especially within the B2B marketing space, email marketing offers by far the most positive ROI and is the quickest to implement. Getting email marketing right these days though, is far more complex than it used to be. That is why The Munro Agency has developed a set of very specific tools and services to help companies like yours generate sales ready leads every single day of the week.


Email Marketing Workflows

Automate powerful email campaigns to convert leads to sales. Create behavior-based workflows to engage a contact at critical points in their unique buying process. Set up email marketing automation for common customer pathways, and respond to specific interests and actions by individual users.

Automated Trigger Emails

Send confirmation messages, event alerts, shopping cart abandonment notices, or a quick personal note – we’ve got all the triggers and filters you need to automatically send personalized, relevant, and timely messages. Use the power of email marketing automation to boost sales, reconnect with previous customers, and sustain engagement with your mailing lists.

Behavioural-Based Email Automation

Put an end to unintelligent “email marketing blasts” and start having actual conversations with your leads. Go beyond the traditional email marketing capabilities and track your prospect’s behaviour to present the most relevant information every time.

Send follow-up emails at the right time and notify your sales staff when your prospects are ready to buy. And all of this happens completely AUTOMAGICALLY.

Behavioral-Based Email Automation
Simple Email Editor Munro Marketing Automation Glasgow

Simple Drag & Drop Email Editor

Create professional looking email marketing campaigns with our drag and drop editor. Not only that, you can see exactly what the email will look like whilst you are building it. Our intuitive editor requires no programming skills and lets your employees create stunning emails on the fly.

Add sender addresses, attachments and drop in images all at the click of a button. Easy!

Our Email Templates Work on Any Device

We provide dozens of email templates which have already been pre-built and work on any device. No need to worry about your emails being opened on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Your design will look great no matter what!

We also have some nifty sections to store everything you design so they don’t get lost. Re-use and quickly customise old templates for new email marketing campaigns yourself or allow others in your team to edit certain sections!

Beautiful email templates
Email Custom Merge Variables Munro Marketing Automation

Unlimited Merge Variables

Create focused emails with merge variables for any custom field.

Personalise your email marketing by merging in any data that you have collated. Global merge options come as standard.

We go beyond the “Hi FirstName” and deliver messages that are focused, individual and help drive engagement!

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“After-the-Click” Behavioural-Based Email Tracking

We go far beyond your run-of-the-mill email provider such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact by tracking your websites visitors behaviour long after they have clicked through your first email.

Find out what pages they spend the most time on, what forms they fill out. You can even set custom alerts for you or your sales team and get notified when a prospect has come to your website again.

email analytics

Transformative Email Analytics

Track your email marketing from start to finish and analyse which ones worked and which ones need tweaking. We have you covered for all the stats you need, such as clicks, opens, bounces, and deliveries to help you optimise your campaigns.

We can help you automate highly effective email marketing campaigns that deliver leads and convert to sales. Utilising behavioural based email marketing workflows helps you engage contacts at each critical point of their unique buying process.

Trigger Happy Emails

Send out confirmation messages, alerts or a quick personal note to your prospects, customers or even your team.

Dispatch personalised emails for abandoned shopping cart notices to customers and even your sales team – we have all the triggers and filters you need to automatically send personalised, relevant and timely messages.

Munro Marketing Automation
Smart Emails Munro Marketing Automation

Smarter Emails

We can create highly effective dynamic one-to-one communication. Schedule a Smart Email for a later date or attach it to automation tasks and workflows to personalise communication like never before.

Unlike some other email providers, we have the facility to include up to 5MB of attachments with your email.

With dynamic emails, you can customise unique content to each of your recipients from just one of your workflows. The dynamic content can be based on your recipients, behaviours, interests, industry or anything else you feel is relevant.

Other Marketing Services

Behavioural-Based Email Automation

Put an end to unintelligent “email blasts”. Start having conversations with your leads and notify your sales staff when your prospects are ready to buy.
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Website Visitor ID

VisitorID uses reverse IP lookup to identify the companies visiting your site, and provides you contact info, including names, emails and phone numbers.
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In-depth Analytics

Understand end-to-end ROI and make key decisions with accurate and relevant data. Slice and dice powerful metrics into customised reports.
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Forms Built for Generating Leads

Our dynamic forms automatically complete fields for known visitors, which is not only user friendly but helps you convert more leads.
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Customisable CRM System

Track opportunities across your business from creation to close. Create custom deal stages, fields and much more to manage your unique sales process.
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Platform integration

Connect to hundreds of 3rd-party software providers with APIs and Zapier integration. Truly make Munro your own by rebranding emails, notifications and reports.
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Marketing Automation

Our powerful but easy-to-use rules engine simplifies marketing automation. Use workflows to engage leads at critical points in their unique buying process.
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Integrated Call Tracking

Go beyond traditional marketing automation and call-tracking. Track leads that come in by phone to see the full picture of all of your marketing tactics.
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Social Media

Leverage social media to better engage and create conversions from connections. Strategically grow your network with social automation rules.
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