2023 Marketing Automation Vendor Comparison Tool

2023 Marketing Automation

Vendor Comparison Tool

You’ve decided to invest in a marketing automation platform and now comes the challenging task of figuring out which vendor best fits your needs. This Vendor Comparison Tool will help by showing you a side-by-side comparison of the prices, with key variables considered. We’ve also included ratings and reviews, and additional considerations to help in your decision.

SharpSpring HubSpot Marketo ActOn Pardot InfusionSoft
Annual Cost *
Upfront Commitment**
Contract Terms Monthly Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual
3rd-Party CRM Integration Available Available Available Available Available Not Available
CRM Included Free Free Not Available Not Available Additional Charge for Salesforce Free
Trust Radius
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Base Monthly License Fee
Contacts Overage Cost
(included in annual cost/upfront commitment totals)
Rate for Additional Contacts per 1000 contacts per 1000 contacts per 1000 contacts per 1000 contacts per 10000 contacts per 1000 contacts
Phone Support Free Free Price Varies Free Price Varies Free
Included Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Additional Users NA NA NA Varies NA Varies
Visit Vendor Pricing Page Your Munro Agency Pricing HubSpot Pricing Marketo Pricing Act-On Pricing Pardot Pricing Infusionsoft Pricing
Onboarding/Training Fees Not Required Not Required
Annual Cost *
Upfront Commitment**
Contract Terms Monthly Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual
It looks like SharpSpring offers the best combination of flexibility and price.

SharpSpring HubSpot Marketo ActOn Pardot InfusionSoft
Annual Cost *
Contract Terms Monthly Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual
Trust Radius
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G2 Crowd
Software Advice
Free Trial
Best Review #1 “Honestly, without SharpSpring, I think we'd be dead in the water. We have thousands of leads across multiple lists. We couldn't do what we do as quickly, cheaply and easily without SharpSpring.” “I like the free CRM side of Hubspot a lot. I appreciated the technical support in setup. I also like the regular webinars.” “This was my first exposure to marketing automation, so I loved the basic features of sending out nurture emails and having insight into which emails are sent to whom.” “It's a great program if you email a lot, or to a lot of persons. By the reports of Act-On you get a very detailed image of what your clients do and what they like. It's good to know some html (terms as well as code) if you want to work with Act-On, but if you don't it's not a huge problem.” “We use Pardot for an array of marketing functions. While Pardot’s primary use is to schedule our emails, it also allows us to create forms on landing pages with vanity urls.” “I like that InfusionSoft handles large list sizes, forms and autoresponders fairly well.”
Best Review #2 “Literally everything you would want (and would use) from one of the "big boy" CRM & Automation players in the space is covered within SharpSpring. It also feels like it was custom built for our industry (which it was), and it shows. The pricing is amazing, they make it a no-brainer.” “If you are new to online marketing and having a website, HubSpot has a great platform to familiarize yourself with online, also has a great library of resources.” “Quite pricey but does the job well. It is very useful, and helpful especially in promoting my business. Easy to use unique features and tools.” “We switched to Act-On about 6 months ago; previously we had used Eloqua. We found, however, that Eloqua was a bit too robust for our needs. Our marketing department is 3 people, and Eloqua just took too much time to manage." “The interface on Pardot is simple. The look and feel is clean and the ability to create lists or tag groups of prospects by either creating dynamic conditional queries (dynamic lists) or just importing a known list of prospects gives you flexibility.” Had some trouble with email integration instantly but then we straightened it out and now it all works smoothly. Simple and assisting system to track every process within smaller company.”
Best Review #3 “SharpSpring provides all the functionality my clients and I need most at a fraction of the cost of leading competitors. It does so in a user-friendly application with excellent self-help tools and support.” “It basically covers everything you need. The analysis part was convenient and I like the smart lists too. You can easily create a list of contacts who visit certain pages. Very simple to segment your contacts.” “One of the greatest things about Marketo is how flexible it can be to different businesses use cases and needs. Also, the Community is great for seeking tips and help from other Marketo users.” “I like that it was fairly easy to create each email template and send them out. I also liked how easy it was to get to the statistics of each email. Lastly, I liked how you could schedule an email to be sent out easily and could test emails easily as well.” "Pardot has been a great tool for our company. We are a small business with less than 25 people, and only one person in a marketing/communications position." “I have really enjoyed using Infusionsoft to trickle market our lists. It has a very good system that can then create an auto tag feature and email campaign tracking. It is complicated to understand at first, but is beneficial.”
Annual Cost *
It looks like SharpSpring offers the best combination of flexibility and price. * This data is based on research gathered from vendor websites and review sites.

You can alter the number of users and leads to see how the pricing of each of the marketing automation systems is affected. What would like to do next?

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