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We help you expand your network and find more people to discover, engage with and buy into you. The Munro Agency is an expert in Thought Leadership, Lead Generation and SEO Services that combine to scale your online footprint and your network.

Lead Generation Done for Coaches & Consultants

You offer excellent coaching and consultation services tailored for professionals in leadership roles and people in operations.

The real question, however, is how to distinguish yourself in their eyes, and how to become their preferred choice amidst a sea of alternatives.

How do you go beyond your existing network of people and establish an audience that wants to engage with your services?

This is precisely where our expertise in Thought Leadership, Lead Generation and SEO services come into play. We help people find you. 

SEO consultant services coaching

Why do coaches and consultants use our service?

Enhanced Visibility in a Crowded Market

This might be a hard pill to swallow, but the coaching and consulting industry is brimming with talented individuals and firms offering similar services. Only highly effective marketing strategies will ensure that your business stands out.

By implementing our robust marketing and lead generation techniques, you can take the first step in rising above the noise and expanding your existing network to tap into a much broader market for your services.

Building Credibility and Authority

For your coaching and consulting business, trust and authority are paramount. Building, cultivating and presenting the right offer to the right person at the right time is what makes all the difference to your growth.

SEO is not just about ranking higher; it’s about establishing your brand as a leading voice in your field.

Lead Generation is not just about asking for business; it’s about building an audience for you to tap into with your services.

We not only help you build an audience but also establish brand awareness and trust in your services, ensuring that you consistently appear in top search results, industry-specific topics, adverts, and social media.

Email, LinkedIn and Ads attract new traffic, whilst webinars, ebooks and white papers cultivate trust.

Our integrated marketing approach turns visitors into subscribers, subscribers into leads, leads into clients, and ultimately, clients into loyal fans.

Thought Leadership

Long-term, Cost-effective, Sustainable Marketing

We are not a fly-by-night marketing agency; we invest in our people, our processes and our approach. This translates into highly effective, well-thought-out marketing strategies that are there to help your business grow along the way and offer you the best solution for your current situation.

Our strategies offer a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to marketing with long-term thinking. We deploy integrated lead generation strategies that tie in SEOPPCSocial MediaPR, great websites, and much more to help build and widen your entire marketing funnel.

This means that your investment in digital marketing will yield results long after the initial effort, providing a higher ROI compared to other short-term marketing strategies.

How we can help YOU win

We offer full-service B2B marketing strategies that are designed to elevate your brand, enhance your online presence, and drive meaningful business results.

Thought Leadership Content

We specialise in crafting compelling thought leadership content that positions your brand as an industry authority.

Our approach combines insightful research and engaging storytelling to captivate your target audience and foster brand loyalty.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO strategies are tailored to increase your website’s visibility and organic search rankings.

We focus on keyword optimisation, high-quality content creation, and technical SEO to drive targeted traffic and improve your online presence.


Leverage our expertise in creating and promoting webinars that engage and convert.

From topic selection to production and follow-up, we ensure your webinars are a powerful tool for thought leadership and lead generation.

Google Ads & Pay Per Click

Maximise your ROI with our Google Ads and PPC services.

We craft targeted ad campaigns that reach your ideal customers, focusing on optimisation and conversion to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

LinkedIn Marketing

Our LinkedIn marketing strategies are designed to connect you with your professional audience.

We create tailored content, manage your presence, and run targeted campaigns to enhance networking opportunities and business growth.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation services are focused on attracting and converting high-quality leads.

Using a mix of content marketing, SEO, and targeted advertising, we deliver strategies that increase your sales pipeline and drive business growth.

Help Me With One Of these services

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We Supercharge Consulting Companies!

Don’t just take our word for it. This is how we helped our clients win Big! Get in touch and let us put a plan in place for your growth in 2024!

"Bar chart and table displaying lead generation results by month for 2023, with categories for Email Leads, Social Leads, and Website Leads. The table totals show 149 Email Leads, 70 Social Leads, and 166 Website Leads, with a Grand Total of 385 leads. The bar chart graphically represents the data with the highest number of Website Leads occurring in October, November, and December."

From 5 Coaching Leads per Month to Over 80

Real world results from our integrated marketing approach over 9 months

From 5 Coaching Leads per month to over 80

Real World Results From Our Integrated Marketing Approach Over 9 Months

When a London-based consultancy firm gave us free rein to free them from the shackles of only being able to deliver new business via their network of contacts, we realised the chance to show what we could do.

Helping consulting and coaching companies move away from this approach can be challenging, but once you are at the stage where you have a regular and reliable source of leads, it will make everything a lot easier.

Our process is simple – yet very well executed – and makes all the difference:

  1. Discovery Workshop
  2. Intelligence Gathering
  3. New Website and/or Developing Engaging Content
  4. Custom Database & Target Lists
  5. Building a Network of Contacts on LinkedIn
  6. Highly Targeted Outreach
  7. Conversion to Interested Leads
  8. Remarketing & Ads
  9. Ongoing Nurture Sequences

271% Increase in Organic Traffic

Increased organic market share in the “Leadership Development” niche

A client’s website was ranking well for their primary keywords. The problem? Their website traffic has stagnated and has not been converting to leads.

We delved into closely related topics and created high-quality content to establish and reinforce topical authority in these new areas.

We helped the client gain a 271% YoY increase in organic traffic.

Coaches marketing offer increase
Social Posts Examples

1 Webinar = 70 Leads

Generated over 70 leads in a single webinar for a leadership development and behaviour change consultancy

A client wanted to find new ways to generate leads, transitioning from reactive to proactive strategies.

We introduce and position B2B webinars as a more approachable, lower-commitment lead magnet compared to traditional B2B demos or discovery calls.

As we helped launch their first-ever webinar, from topic selection to promotion and delivery, we delivered over 70 leads from a single session.

More Leads From Google

Gained top 10 Google rankings for over 20 primary, previously unranked “Organisational Change” keywords

A client’s website wasn’t ranking for critical keywords on Google.

We addressed this by executing a targeted SEO strategy focused on producing high-quality, authoritative content.

Result? We racked up Google rankings for over 20 primary keywords they had never ranked before.

Traffic Increase

37% More Leads From Ads

Increased qualified leads from Google Ads by 37% with the same budget

A client was generating leads from Google Ads, but they were low-quality and sometimes completely irrelevant.

Due to poor conversion rates, their customer acquisition costs were through the roof, and their strategy was completely unscalable.

We let go of vanity metrics and focused on tangible results. Within 6 months, we increased their qualified leads from Google Ads by 37%.

65% Traffic Increase

Generated 65% more organic traffic within 6 months for a leading employee experience platform

On the surface, a client’s website looked to be performing well: rankings were high, and traffic was flowing through their pages.

The problem? Their traffic wasn’t converting to leads.

We flipped their content strategy on its head and implemented a conversion-focused SEO strategy that generated 65% more organic qualified leads in just 6 months.

Lead Increase

High Converting Websites

Built, tested and deployed an ERG software provider’s website within 6 days

Our team of technical SEO experts and web developers guided the design team, integrating SEO best practices from the outset.

We continued to conduct technical optimisation post-launch to enhance site performance and search engine visibility.

Since then, the site has grown by an incredible 800% in clicks from Google year on year.

Increase in traffic SEO

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Your Team

Some of the team members that specialise in helping coaches, consultants and service based business succeed online.

Rupert Morris
I’ve been working in Sales & Marketing for almost 20 years and am always really keen to make sure our SEO campaign impacts our customer’s bottom line in a very tangible way.

I really enjoy sifting through technical audits and conducting in-depth competitor comparisons to uncover the latest angle for our SEO customers.

Fiona SEO Team
Fiona Cameron
Paid Media & Search Manager
Following university, I started a freelance business as an SEO manager, which eventually grew into a small digital marketing agency.

I thoroughly enjoy leading our SEO, link building and digital PR campaigns and seeing the tangible impact of my work on our customers’ lives.

Senior Copywriter
I started my professional career in media and journalism over half a decade ago and have worked with many household big brand names.

After a couple of years in a unicorn startup and a digital agency, I moved a bit away from FMCG and delved into B2B, SEO-driven content marketing. I love creating content that matters AND yields tangible results.

Cameron Harvey
SEO Executive
Having worked for an accounting firm and as a freelancer with a track record of smashing targets, I love anything marketing and have a background in B2B. 

I have experience in SEO, SMO, marketing management, email marketing, PPC, social media marketing, website content creation and graphic design.


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Your Expert Content Production Team

You know you need to produce content. You know you need to produce case studies. You also know you need to advertise your services. But business takes over, and you get busy doing what you do best, which is servicing your clients. That is where we come in; we are here to help amplify your voice, produce your content and get you in front of your next big customer. Here are some examples of highly engaging content we have already produced!

Thought Leadership

We take great pride in our understanding of the nuances of leadership as we explore themes like strategic vision, team motivation, decision-making, and management. We delve into various leadership styles, their impact on organisational growth, and how effective leadership can foster a productive and innovative work environment.

Workplace Culture

We have a deep insight into how workplace culture shapes employee morale, productivity, and company identity. Our content covers topics like fostering a positive work environment, well-being and psychological safety at work, the role of communication and collaboration, and the impact of organisational values and traditions on overall business success.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are adept at discussing DEI, emphasising its significance in creating an inclusive, respectful, and equitable workplace. Our content explores strategies for promoting diversity, the benefits of an inclusive culture, and the importance of equitable practices in hiring, promotion, and everyday work interactions.

Employee Experience

Our expertise extends to the topic of employee experience, examining how factors like work-life balance, job satisfaction, and workplace well-being influence an employee’s journey. We discuss the importance of a supportive work environment, rewards and recognition, and the impact of company policies and management practices on employee engagement.

Change Management

We have a deep understanding of change management, focusing on strategies for successfully navigating organisational change. This includes managing transitions, effective communication, addressing employee concerns and resistance, and the role of leadership in guiding an organisation through change while maintaining productivity and morale.

Employee Development

We focus on critical aspects of employee development, including training programmes, career advancement opportunities, and growth initiatives. Our content reflects a strong understanding of the importance of continual learning, skill enhancement, and the role of mentorship and feedback in nurturing employee potential and career progression.

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