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New Business Leads sent to you every day!

We focus on improving your sales outcome by sourcing personalised data around your niche data segments and combining this data with multi-channel prospecting campaigns.

Whether that be the start of a sales conversation, booking in a call or scheduling a face-to-face meeting. We deliver sales ready B2B leads to your business. Here are just some of the services our lead generation agency offers:

New Business Leads sent to you every morning
We do all the heavy lifting for you

'Done-For-You" B2B Lead Generation

We profile your perfect customer, find the correct data to match and contact them via email.

We even follow-up with them and monitor responses on your behalf.

When a lead says they are interested in hearing more, we pass them on to you!

That’s it.

A simple process for simply getting more sales!

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ASK US ANYTHING! Whether you need a demo or some more information about our lead generation systems, get in touch with us now. We know how to use modern marketing tools to simplify your marketing processes and make your lead generation more effective.

We focus on improving your sales outcome by sourcing personalised data around your niche data segments and combining this data with email prospecting campaigns. When a lead says they are interested in hearing more, we pass them on to you!

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Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to say thank you to The Munro Agency team for helping with all of our digital marketing and lead generation campaigns. We have been with them for a couple of years now and they have helped tremendously. Not only have we generated 100s of new business leads but they are also always available to help with our marketing efforts. The website looks smashing as well! Thanks again guys and keep it up!
Craig Duncan, EAS
Scott Richardson
The Munro Agency helped us not only with the initial design and development of our brand new website but also put in a lead generation engine that we us on a daily basis. Everything from profiling the right customer, finding the data and doing the initial outreach is still handled by this team and we won't be changing it. I am very happy to recommend this team, especially if your business is looking for a reliable source of leads.
Scott Richardson, Trophy Events

Start Getting New Business Leads Sent to Your Inbox Now

If you need help with your marketing or sales efforts and don’t have the resources to manage everything in-house, we’ve got you covered. Driving qualified leads into your business on a daily basis will help all of your sales and marketing efforts become far more profitable.

Drive More Leads

More than just more. Drive relevant leads that convert. Daily.

Convert Leads to Sales

Close deals by sending exactly the right message at exactly the right time using powerful, behavioural-based communication, remarking and intention data.

Building Your Entire Funnel

Double down on what works and axe what doesn’t. We can fill all stages of your sales funnel with relevant leads that will convert!

Who is this B2B Lead Gen Service for?

Spurleads is not for everyone and whilst we are keen to offer this service to as many people as possible there are some companies that are better suited to our top lead generation services. We find that businesses that can demonstrate the following work best with us:

  • You sell to other businesses (B2B)
  • You have a website
  • You have a clearly defined audience (such as industry, geography, job title)
  • You have a proven track record of delivering your product or service (case studies)
  • You have the capacity to follow-up on new leads sent to you immediately (sales team)

If you feel that this is for you then get in touch with our lead generation specialists today for a quick complimentary consultation call!

B2B Email Lead Gen Man computer

Our B2B Lead Generation Team

The team at The Munro Agency will work to build a long-term partnership with you. Our knowledgeable project managers will work with you to understand your business’s needs, then custom tailor the lead generation best strategy for you to maximise your return on your investment. We are passionate about digital marketing, lead generation and most of all love seeing businesses grow. We take great pride in our above industry client satisfaction and retention rates, give us a call today and test our lead generation company risk free.


Victoria Nicol
With The Munro Agency we finally managed to get a reliable source of leads to feed the sales team with on a daily basis. They do all the initial outreach for us and help us maintain a clean prospect list in our CRM. Not only that, we managed to close some hugely valuable new business clients right of the back of their activity. 5-star!
Victoria Nicol, My Language Connection
Jane McLean Customer
We have been working with The Munro Agency for over 5 years now and have been blown away but not only the quality of our website but the volume of new clients that it has brought us. Munro have held our hand the whole way through explaining everything on the way and always being available to answer any questions we had. We now view the team at Munro as an integral part of our growth strategy and would not be where we are today without their help. Looking forward to many more years of working together.
Jane McLean, Entrance Access Solutions

B2B Lead Generation Company

Not all B2B lead generation companies are the same. We like to think that we differ, as we offer a hands-off service to help generate qualified leads straight to your salespeople. Whether it’s the start of a sales conversation, booking in a call or scheduling a face-to-face meeting.

Whilst our specialist lies in generating leads via marketing, email, and social lead gen tools. We also can help with warming-up existing leads via voice services, call centre solutions and our back office services.

Our Lead Generation Company Agency provides tailored B2B services to you in telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, LinkedIn marketing and the provision of marketing databases. Whether you are looking for UK based leads or the US, Europe, and Asia, we can build tailormade databases and reach out to them on your behalf.

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data driven results

B2B Lead Generation Data

Data and especially quality data is an absolute must in today’s content-driven world. Businesses rely on it to support marketing strategies, target their customers, make smarter business decisions, predict future outcomes and we rely on it for generating highly relevant prospects for your business!

Our B2B Lead Generation Company is data driven. Which delivers incredible results from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel. Data riven lead generation process has a single goal: increase the number of leads we generate and that move to the next stage of the sales process quickly.

We source quality data from a number of in-house sources but we also build custom datasets for every new customer campaigns.

  • Profiling your former clients
  • Analysing your competitors
  • Business & Sales Intelligence tools
  • Google resources
  • Social media platforms such as LinkedIn

If you need help with your lead generation efforts and do not have the resources to manage everything in-house, then we have got you covered. Driving qualified leads into your business daily will help all your sales and marketing efforts become far more profitable and grow your business!

Outsource Your B2B Lead Generation

If you’re looking for outsourced B2B Lead Generation, you can speak with us today for an initial free of charge consultation. By outsourcing your lead generation campaigns to us, we can help increase your sales via B2B appointment setting, lead generation and telemarketing.

Some of the reasons our customers choose our lead generation services:

  • Saves your business time & energy
  • Makes your sales team more productive
  • You get a reliable source of new business
  • Allows you to quickly scale new business teams
  • Reduce the lead time for new business sales
  • Lower your sales costs

Outsourcing your lead generation to us allows you to focus on converting sales leads to new business revenue. We generate the B2B leads – you close the deals!

Outsource Your Lead Generartion

Lead Generation Customer Success Stories

Lead Generation - international Translation Services

International Translation Services

  • Generating 15 interested leads per week
  • Data sent direct to sales person
  • Copy of data sent directly to CRM (zoho)
  • ‘maybe later’ outcomes added to newsletter list

Local Tradesman

  • Generating 2 quote requests per week
  • Added to 40 supplier lists
  • Data sent direct to sales person and CRM
  • Landed new account worth £1.1m
Lead Generation - Local corporate tradesman
Lead Generation - international Law services

International Law Firm

  • Generating 3 new business ops per week
  • Interested leads direct to Managing Director
  • ‘maybe later’ outcomes sent to sales staff
  • Copy of data sent directly into Salesforce

Connecting Your CRM

  • We connect to most major CRM providers
  • Get lead details populated automatically!
  • We can also notify your sales agents directly
  • We can add lead details to google sheets 
Your CRM Systems


The Munro Agency helped sort out many of our web and SEO issues. We are a fairly new company in Dubai and being rather inexperienced with much of this online work, we needed to find a reliable partner that could help move our business forward. The team at Munro have been great to work with. They are always on hand to help and fix anything that is needed in order to develop and grow our business further. We are now embarking on a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign with Munro and are already looking forward to the results.
Philip Smith, Your POA Dubai
We hired The Munro Agency to help us develop our web presence. They not only developed a website on time and on budget but also optimised all our social media accounts and email marketing. The whole experience has been fantastic and the customer service is really something we cherish with these guys. They are always on hand to help with our marketing campaigns and really take an interest in making sure our business thrives. Keep it up!
Ivonne Brückner, Brückner Steuerberatung

Final Word!

We have been doing lead generation for many years now and very often work in the background as a white label supplier or silent partner. Other Agencies and Top Lead Generation Companies already use our services to supply them with award-winning leads!

Now you can bypass the middleman and get high quality leads directly from us. Our company uses the very latest in digital strategies to help generate leads from quality data and attention grabbing marketing messages.

Since you have come this far in our presentation, I suggest filling out our form and testing our lead generation service for yourself!

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Customer Testimonials

I am here because there was an odd number of reviews received. Not that I am here to make up the numbers. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the extended lockdown walkies and my very snazzy new jacket. I know I complain about it all the time but I actually love it! All the best xox
Maggie Moo, Pooch Ltd
We have used The Munro Agency on a number of advertising and email marketing campaigns with great success. They have helped us get the most out of new tactics such as Facebook advertising, Remarketing and social media as a whole. It’s great that they are always on hand to deliver digital marketing expertise. I regularly recommend The Munro Agency to my own clients as I know they will be in great hands.
Varry McMenemy, Varry Associates