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Logo & Website Design | Property

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Logo & Website Design | Property

7th January 2020

Custom logo design, brand guidelines, website design, build and hosting of both the site and email accounts.



In a fiercely competitive marketplace like the London property sector, a strong brand identity is crucial for success. This case study delves into the process of creating a custom logo design, brand guidelines, and website design and development for R&CO, a London-based property company. We’ll explore the importance of each service for start-up companies and demonstrate how they contribute to building a strong brand presence.


Client Background

R&CO is a London property company that boasts a diverse and high-performing portfolio, centred around the city. Their portfolio is now worth millions, thanks to their adoption of the ‘Find, Build, Grow’ formula. The R&CO team has vast experience in navigating changing economic landscapes, adapting to evolving buying habits, and weathering various property cycles.


The Challenge

As a start-up in the competitive London property market, R&CO needed a strong brand identity to stand out from the competition. The company sought an agency to create a memorable logo, comprehensive brand guidelines, and a visually appealing and user-friendly website. Additionally, they required hosting services for their site and email accounts. This project was delivered as part of one of our Start-up & Small Business Marketing packages.


The Process

  1. Logo Design

The first step was to design a custom logo that would reflect R&CO’s unique identity and resonate with their target audience. We conducted thorough research into the company’s values, target market, and competition, and developed a series of logo concepts. After receiving client feedback, we refined the design until it accurately represented the brand.

  1. Brand Guidelines

A consistent brand identity is essential for start-ups looking to establish themselves in their respective markets. We created a set of brand guidelines for R&CO that outlined the correct usage of the logo, typography, colour palette, and imagery. These guidelines ensured that all marketing materials and communications would maintain a consistent visual identity, fostering brand recognition.

  1. Website Design and Development

We designed and developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website for R&CO that would effectively showcase their diverse property portfolio. The website was built with responsive design to ensure optimal performance across devices, and featured easy-to-use navigation, engaging content, and strong calls-to-action to drive conversions.

  1. Hosting and Email Accounts

To ensure a seamless experience for R&CO and their clients, we provided hosting services for the website and set up email accounts for the team. This streamlined approach allowed R&CO to focus on growing their business while we managed the technical aspects.



Through our Start-up & Small Business Marketing package, we successfully delivered a memorable brand identity and online presence for R&CO. The custom logo, brand guidelines, website design, and hosting services provided a solid foundation for the company to thrive in the competitive London property market.

This case study highlights the importance of investing in professional branding and web development services for start-ups. By prioritising a strong brand identity and user-friendly website, new businesses can effectively establish themselves in their respective markets, attract their target audience, and drive long-term success.

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