Website Design & Development | Behavioural Change Consultancy

Website Design & Development | Behavioural Change Consultancy

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Website Design & Development | Behavioural Change Consultancy

18th October 2023

Company: Changing Point

Service: Website Development

In a highly competitive business world, the success of an organisation lies in its ability to adapt, evolve and make the most out of its digital presence. Changing Point, a boutique behavioural change consultancy with offices in London and Glasgow, needed a digital makeover to stand out from its competitors and establish its website authority.

Find out how the Munro Agency partnered with Changing Point to revamp its website to improve its online visibility and strengthen its brand image.


Changing Point has been reshaping the way organisations approach change and challenges since its founding in 2004.

Instead of focusing solely on updating strategies and systems, the company recognises the importance of aligning people within the change process. This insight became the driving force behind the company’s mission, and today, Changing Point stands at the forefront of global change initiatives for leading organisations.

However, improving their online presence will be beneficial for the company to better connect with its audience and ultimately generate more leads.


Their website was functional, but it lacked the user-friendly interface and aesthetic appeal that could keep visitors on the website longer. Changing Point’s primary goals included:

  • Improve User Experience: Create a website that is easy to navigate, engaging, and informative, providing visitors with a seamless experience and valuable content.
  • Establish Strong Brand Identity: Develop a website that reflects Changing Point’s core values, mission, and expertise in behavioural science.
  • Boost SEO: Increase organic traffic by optimising the website for search engines in order to reach a wider audience and find new clients.


Our team built a comprehensive strategy to bring Changing Point’s vision to life. Here are the steps that we took:

  • Design Transformation: We gave Changing Point’s website a modern, visually appealing interface. With intuitive navigation and a harmonious brand colour palette, the new design helps retain visitors and makes them want to come back.
  • Content Enhancement: Our content specialists worked closely with Changing Point to craft compelling, informative, and SEO-optimised content that provides expert insights and value to their target audience while improving search engine rankings.
  • Brand Reinforcement: We ensured that the website consistently displays Changing Point’s core values and expertise to reinforce its brand identity.
  • SEO Overhaul: Our SEO experts meticulously optimised the website for search engines, focusing on relevant keywords and trending topics in the industry.


By addressing the challenges and crafting a comprehensive strategy, our partnership successfully revitalised Changing Point’s online presence and brand identity. The key outcomes we achieved through this collaboration include:

  • User-Friendly Navigation: The revamped website offers a user-friendly and visually appealing interface. Visitors can now seamlessly navigate the site, which leads to boosting engagement and longer website visits.
  • Clear Brand Identity: Changing Point’s core values, mission, and expertise in behavioural science are prominently showcased on the website. The design and content enhancements have successfully reinforced the organisation’s brand identity, establishing a stronger connection with its audience.
  • Better Online Visibility: By targeting relevant keywords and optimising content, Changing Point has expanded its online reach, experiencing a significant boost in organic traffic and helping find new clients.


This partnership has not only positioned Changing Point as an authoritative source in the field of behavioural change consultancy but has also empowered the company to establish a strong brand identity, drive significant traffic to its website and generate more leads.

Embracing a new approach to their digital presence has proven to be a strategic move, ultimately contributing to their continued success in assisting clients in navigating change and becoming effective leaders.

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