SEO Case Study for SaaS Company

SEO Case Study for SaaS Company

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SEO Case Study for SaaS Company

19th April 2023

SaaS SEO Case Study – Continuity2


Embark on a captivating journey through this case study, illustrating how The Munro Agency empowered Continuity2 (C2), a resilience and business continuity software provider, to defy the odds, reverse a declining traffic trend, and boost search traffic by an incredible 500% year on year. Witness the transformation as C2’s Google ranking for their crucial money terms soared from a lacklustre position 15 to an enviable position 2. This success story exemplifies how setting clear goals and devising a well-thought-out strategy can propel even the smaller players in a marketplace dominated by cash-rich companies to the forefront. It’s all about delivering a stellar user experience and crafting linkable content.

Client Background


Continuity2 had not experienced success with their SEO efforts in the past, with organic search being their lowest performing marketing channel and on a steady decline.  They were highly regarded for their content quality software and innovative approach to software development. But they suffered from being virtually unknown in the market place.

The Challenge


As competition in SERPs escalated, Continuity2’s traffic continued its downward spiral. Market consolidation led to the growth of larger sites, further pushing C2 out of the picture. Despite their best efforts to redesign their website and improve site speed, they couldn’t reverse the downward trend. Realising they needed expert guidance, they approached The Munro Agency for assistance.

Through a meticulously planned and executed strategy, The Munro Agency provided Continuity2 with actionable advice tailored to their unique circumstances, helping them overcome the challenges they faced in an increasingly competitive market. This case study highlights the power of a well-defined plan, commitment to quality, and innovative thinking when it comes to achieving success in SEO.

The Strategy

  1. Initial Analysis

Our first priority was to analyse the traffic decline and identify the underlying causes. We examined every change made to the website in the last year and observed the following:

  • Over 90% of their pages experienced traffic decline
  • The decline was in some cases gradual and in some very sudden
  • A specific set of product pages lost 33% of their traffic after the redesign
  • Their current content strategy was underperforming (non existent)
  1. Technical Audit

We conducted a comprehensive technical audit and identified 18 issues that needed resolution. We prioritised these issues and worked with Continuity2’s developers to address them within 1-2 months. Some of the actions we took included:

  • Switching menu links and content from client-side rendering to server-side
  • Removing tags that generated low-quality pages
  • Reorganising blog categories for better SEO and user experience
  • Adding contextual internal links
  • Cleaning up unnecessary internal 301 redirects
  • Fixing canonical issues on specific pages
For SaaS companies, perform technical audits regularly to identify and resolve on-site issues, such as broken links, duplicate content, and slow page loading times. Prioritise fixes based on their potential impact on user experience and search engine rankings. Collaborate with developers and marketing teams to ensure timely and effective implementation of the recommended improvements.
  1. Content Editorial: Planning and Revision

We aimed to create and optimise content that would attract not only new visitors but also establish the site an an overall authority on the subject matter. We conducted a content gap analysis and keyword research to identify high-potential keywords. Over 12 months, we published 24 new articles and optimised 15 existing ones, implementing a thorough revision process for each article.

To elevate your SaaS content strategy, focus on understanding your target audience’s needs and preferences, conducting thorough keyword research, and crafting compelling headlines that grab attention. Prioritise quality over quantity, ensuring your content is clear, concise, and optimised for search intent. Lastly, incorporate persuasive calls-to-action to guide your readers towards taking the desired action, fostering higher engagement and conversion rates.


  1. Link Building

While Continuity2 already had a high-quality backlink profile and attracted links naturally, we convinced them to pursue ethical link building tactics such as HARO, link inserts, and guest posting. We also conducted some outreach on their behalf… but what I believe helped most of all was getting their internal linking in order. Internal linking was either non existent or sporadic and non sensible. Toying-up something like this is relatively easy and the bets thing is, you have full control over it. I highly recommend any business examining their internal links on a regular basis.

For effective link building in the SaaS industry, concentrate on producing high-quality, shareable content that adds value to your target audience, fostering organic backlink growth. Forge relationships with industry influencers and reputable websites to expand your reach and establish authority. Utilise guest posting opportunities, resource pages, and broken link building strategies to secure relevant, high-quality backlinks that drive traffic and improve search engine rankings.


  1. SEO Mentoring

Throughout the project, we mentored Continuity2’s digital marketer in all aspects of SEO, providing them with the knowledge and skills required to maintain and increase their organic traffic in the future. I think that key practitioners and marketers in businesses need to be unskilled so they can tell the correct story to upper management. If nobody in the company understand SEO or the methodology then it becomes very hard to have discussions about long term investments into key areas of the site.

To maximise the benefits of SEO mentoring for your SaaS company, actively engage in the learning process, applying new skills and knowledge to your website and marketing strategies. Seek feedback from your mentor on your progress, addressing areas for improvement and refining your SEO techniques. Finally, stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving SEO landscape by attending webinars, reading articles, and participating in industry forums, ensuring your skills remain relevant and effective.


The Results

  • In three months, we stopped the downward trend and achieved an increase in traffic, marking the first positive change in almost a year.
  • Within six months, organic traffic had doubled from its lowest point and twelve months later we saw fantastic growth!
  • Although the conversion rate didn’t keep pace with the traffic increase, there was still a 50% growth in conversions, resulting in an additional 100 demo requests.

In conclusion, The Munro Agency’s tailored approach to SEO helped Continuity2 regain its online presence, improve its Google ranking, and increase search traffic by 500% year on year, proving our expertise in delivering tangible results for our clients.

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