This week, The Munro Agency welcomes a new copywriter, Theerada, to our Glasgow office. Apart from settling herself quickly into our team, Theerada gets familiar with our Marketing Automation tools as she sets off on her onboarding journey. Here, Theerada shares what she learned and found interesting during her first week at The Munro Agency.

A Little Bit About Me and Why I Joined The Munro Agency

Oh, hello, hi! You’re probably wondering who I am and why I am here. I’m Theerada, the new copywriter at The Munro Agency. In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing my learning and onboarding experience as I ease into my new role. But before we start, I figured it might be a good idea to share my background and how I became a copywriter at The Munro Agency.

I started my professional career in media and journalism over half a decade ago in my home country, Thailand, and worked my way through digital and PR communication across Southeast Asia. I’m incredibly comfortable working for and with B2C clients for whom I executed a wide range of online marketing and content campaigns. FMCG and consumer tech have always been my strong suit.

Fast forward to now, I recently got my master’s in Media and Communication from the University of Strathclyde and decided to remain and explore career opportunities in Glasgow. (Don’t ask why, I just fell in love with this city and can’t leave!)

I was drawn to The Munro Agency’s mission to integrate the latest Marketing Automation technology to help clients on the bottom line. Plus, I’ve always wanted to venture beyond B2C and get my hands on B2B, especially on SaaS, which is one of The Munro Agency’s strong focuses. Voila! That’s why I’m writing this blog, wrapping up my first week here!

What Is Marketing Automation?

For someone who has entirely dwelled and worked on the colourful, creative side of the digital and content marketing spectrum, Marketing Automation is—full disclosure—totally alien to me. After a good amount of hours in a virtual classroom and active, practical support from my team, I began to understand and see why Marketing Automation matters to businesses that look for more profitable leads and measurable results.

Think of Marketing Automation as a one-stop digital marketing operation centre for your business. Instead of using different, separate tools or solutions for specific purposes, let’s say Mailchimp for email marketing, Buffer for social posts, and Salesforce for CRM, you can do everything in one place, using our marketing automation tools. Sounds cool, right?!

One thing I found particularly interesting among many other nifty features that I can’t wait to try is the behavioural-based email marketing and automation, which allow you to tailor the email copy and content to your leads’ personas, likings, or behaviours (obviously) at any stage of the buyer’s journey. Remember that “you forgot something in your cart” email or a newsletter with your name and “we thought you might like” products on it? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about!

Though I’m still early on my marketing automation journey, I can already see vast potential not only for businesses to utilise and streamline for their growth but also for digital marketers, no matter where you are on the digital marketing spectrum, to play around and keep experimenting for the better practice in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Five Ways Marketing Automation Tools Can Accelerate Your Content

1. Create personalised content

We already know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to anything, so why keep pushing the same information, offers, or products to different groups of customers? Of course, you can still do the email blast, but take it up a notch with Marketing Automation tools that allow you to actually communicate with your customers with the information that matters and makes sense to them and their interests.

2. Automate your communication

It’s great to feel special, right? And it’s not rocket science to make your customers feel special with Marketing Automation. We have all rules, triggers, and filters to send personalised, relevant, and timely messages. Whether it’s their birthday, anniversary, or even when they’ve left something in their shopping cart, a follow-up does go a long way!

3. Gather consumer insights

Take full advantage of dynamic forms, one of the Marketing Automation tools that can be leveraged to gather valuable consumer insights, which, again, will pay off when you plan and create personalised content for your customers later on. Our dynamic form builder is fully customisable to help you convert more leads.

4. Schedule social media posts

You already have different social media accounts, well, businesses do too. Especially when you’re in charge of digital marketing, planning and scheduling your content well in advance is way more ideal than winging it one day at a time. Our Marketing Automation solutions include a content calendar and social posting tool that will come in handy for marketers or users of all levels.

5. Do social listening

A great way to understand what your customers need is to listen to them, and this is where social listening comes in and is available directly in our Marketing Automation dashboard. Social monitoring also helps you spot and anticipate trends, so you can plan your content strategy ahead without missing the bandwagon!

What’s Next on A Week in My Life?

Phew! I definitely learned a lot this week, and I’m pretty excited about what’s in store for me in the coming weeks. Next week I’ll shift my learning focus to SEO content marketing tactics and techniques and see if and where I can bring my skills from previous roles to my new role at The Munro Agency. If you’ve read this far, you’re a star! I’ll see you next week!